Reconciling Ministries

West LA United Methodist Church is a Reconciling Congregation that welcomes persons into the life and leadership of the church, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. (See the church’s official Statement below.)

The Reconciling Ministry Committee meets regularly to discuss and organize educational opportunities for the congregation and local community. During the month of June, the Committee plans Pride events, including a Reconciling Ministry worship service. The Committee works with the national Reconciling Network, Okaeri in Los Angeles, the 580 Cafe Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA, and other inclusive organizations.

For more information and to get involved, contact the Church Office at 310-479-1379 and Guy Cheney, Chairperson, will return your call.

West LA UMC’s Reconciling Congregation Statement May 2017

We envision a community of faith growing in Christ through worship, study and prayer.  We seek to experience a deeper relationship with God and spiritual transformation, living according to the example of Christ and as the body of Christ.  We endeavor to apply God’s love in inter-generational and multi-cultural fellowship and to offer an extended family in Christ and a place of belonging to all.  We welcome and celebrate people of every gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, ability and age.  We see our Church family sharing in a variety of worship experiences and expanding ministries, striving for social justice and ministering to all who are in need.

私たちは礼拝、 御言葉の学びと祈りを通して主にあり成長する信仰の共同体を築き上げるビジョンを掲げます。 主との深い繋がりを経験し霊的に聖化し、 キリストの体としてイエス様に習う生活を願います。また世代や文化を超えた交わりを通じて神様の愛を分かち合うとともに、 主の家族と呼べるような繋がりの場を心がけます。私達は性別、人種、性的指向、民族、階級、 能力と年齢に関わりなく全ての人々を歓迎します。共に礼拝をし、伝道の場を広げ、社会正義を掲げ、救いを求める人を助ける教会家族であるように祈り願います。