College Ministry

Sunday Morning Worship College students are welcome at Sunday Morning Worship at 9:30 AM and Fellowship Time immediately following the service.  Students who would like to become more involved at West LA UMC are encouraged to contact Rev. Janet Cromwell or Rev. Gary Oba at 310-479-1379.

The Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA assists students, faculty, and staff in their personal and spiritual journeys through worship, programs, volunteer opportunities, and just plain “hanging out”.  Campus Pastor, Deaconess Jeanne Roe Smith, welcomes students to participate in one or more of the following programs:

580 Cafe  A comfortable place for students to relax, study, eat and more!  Lively discussions, art and music make this a special place to hang out, meet new friends, or catch up with old ones. There is always something going on at the 580, and always someone to talk to!

Open Table:  Weekly worship where students gather to share scripture, food, music and prayer. Our table worship is designed to feed our bodies and our spirits as we use video, poetry, and discussion to explore faith, belief and experience.  

580 Café – Wesley Foundation Serving UCLA
580 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: 310-909-4471