Mission Statement

Growing More Christlike Together
A Warm Welcome!

West LA United Methodist Church welcomes everyone to experience God’s love and grace through dynamic relationships, spiritual intensity, missional alignment, and cultural openness.

We envision a community of faith growing more Christlike through worship, study and prayer.  We seek to experience a deeper relationship with God and spiritual transformation, living according to the example of Christ and as the body of Christ.  We endeavor to apply God’s love in inter-generational and multi-cultural fellowship and to offer an extended family in Christ and a place of belonging to all.

As a Reconciling Congregation, we welcome and celebrate people of every race, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, class, ability and age.

Our Church family participates in a variety of worship experiences and expanding ministries, striving for social justice and ministering to all who are in need.

We promote spiritual growth by building a community of faith and making disciples of Christ by reaching out with compassion, forgiveness and love.

Accessibility and Special Needs

The church sanctuary, social hall, classrooms and office are wheelchair and walker accessible. (The church library is the only room that requires stairs for access.) The church staff and volunteers wish to invite, empower, encourage and support people with disabilities; provide reasonable accommodations, as requested; and increase awareness of the gifts for ministry of people with disabilities.

Food allergies and/or special dietary needs may be listed on The Church Program Registration form for children and youth. Persons who would prefer gluten free communion elements are asked to notify the Church Office.

Please contact the Church Office at 310-479-1379 with questions and concerns.

We look forward to welcoming you at West LA United Methodist Church.

Mission Statement

View of the West LA UMC sanctuary