Bible Study

Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Wednesdays at 9:30 AM-10:30 AM, Room 2.
This informal weekly discussion focuses on the Scripture Readings that will be the basis for Sunday’s sermon. See the Church Newsletter for a list of scripture lessons or contact Rev. Gary Oba for more information. New members are always welcome to join the conversation.

Christian Mindfulness

Are you looking for inspiration for your Christian journey? Consider reading Amy Oden’s book “Right Here Right Now” on the practice of Christian mindfulness. In the midst of busy lives and countless distractions, discover how to become more attune to God’s blessings and direction in your life.

Wondering how to get started in reading the Bible?

Ask the pastors about suggested scripture readings or books to enhance your spiritual journey. Contact Rev. Janet Cromwell at 310-479-1379 ext. 102 or or Rev. Gary Oba at 310-479-1379 ext. 101 or


New Study Groups

New Study Groups are announced in the monthly Church Newsletter, Sunday Bulletin, or by calling the church at 310-479-1379.